Film/Video Installation, 2015

Performance: Isnard Dopoux, Bryana Siobhán, Annalisa D. Quagliata

Imago is a multidisciplinary work of art that incorporates sculpture and performance to create a video installation. The piece is an exploration of materials, forms, and actions that construct a cinematographic narrative. The film illustrates an artist casting the body of a woman and building her tomb within a gallery. This is represented by the interaction of the lead performer with a sculptural installation composed of hundreds of plaster casts: fragmented body parts of the female performer. The piece focuses on the attempt to overcome mortality through art. In the words of Bazin, art seeks “the preservation of life by a representation of life.” Death, ritual and transcendence are the underlying themes that construct this surreal narrative.

The piece was created during two different shows at the Godine family gallery: In the fall of 2014 the gallery served as a location for sculpture, performance and film-shooting. In the spring of 2015 the gallery displayed the video installation that transformed those moments into a cinematic narrative. The sculptural structure and plaster pieces that are embedded in the narrative were shown in juxtaposition with the film/video. While in the former show the space was in constant flux, the sculpture elements moving everyday and with a lot of action, in the latter the installation remained the same, calling for a more contemplative and immersive experience.